The Charlatans

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The Charlatans (in den USA auch The Charlatans UK) ist eine britische Musikgruppe.

The Charlatans wurden 1989 von Martin Blunt, ehemaliges Mitglied der Mod-Band Makin' Time gegründet. Nach einigen Monaten stiess der Sänger Tim Burgess zur Band. Als Teil der Manchester-Bewegung, zu der auch die Stone Roses und die Happy Mondays gehörten, konnten sie in Großbritannien 1990 ein Nummer 1 Album Some Friendly und einen Top Ten-Hit The Only One I Know verbuchen. Read more on

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You Cross My Path (2008)
You Cross My Path (bonus disc) (2008)
Simpatico (2006)
Up at the Lake (2004)
Wonderland (2001)
Between 10th and 11th (1999)
Us and Us Only (1999)
Tellin' Stories (1997)
The Charlatans (1995)
Up to Our Hips (1994)
Some Friendly (1990)
Different Days
Modern Nature
Who We Touch
[non-album tracks]


The Misbegotten (2008)
Blackened Blue Eyes (2006)
Blackened Blue Eyes (disc 1) (2006)
NYC (There's No Need to Stop) (2006)
Try Again Today (2004)
Up at the Lake (2004)
Love Is the Key (2001)
Impossible (disc 1) (2000)
Impossible (disc 2) (2000)
Forever (1999)
My Beautiful Friend (1999)
How High (1997)
North Country Boy (1997)
Tellin' Stories (1997)
One to Another (1996)
Just Lookin' / Bullet Comes (1995)
Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over (1995)
The Charlatans UK v. The Chemical Brothers (1995)
Can't Get Out of Bed (1994)
Crashin' In (1994)
I Never Want an Easy Life If Me and He Were Ever to Get There (1994)
Jesus Hairdo (disc 1) (1994)
Jesus Hairdo (disc 2) (1994)
Tremelo Song (disc 1) (1992)
Tremelo Song (disc 2) (1992)
Weirdo (1992)
Me. In Time (1991)
Over Rising (1991)
Indian Rope (1990)
The Only One I Know (1990)
Then (1990)